Ashtanga Yoga

“Ashtanga is a beautiful, flowing practice that combines breath with movement to build strength, enhance flexibility and still the mind.” (Rionach O’Flynn)

The dynamic and challenging practice of Ashtanga provides us with breath and space to still the mind through a physically rewarding demand.

For the coming months I will only be teaching workshops and pop up classes. Please look for updates on Instagram @lisacolferyoga or visit my booking system on: for updates on upcoming classes under the ‘schedule’ section.

Throughout the whole class you’ll learn how to use your breath as a source of movement and a source to calm the nervous system. A moderate level of fitness is needed for the Ashtanga class, and some experience of yoga would be beneficial, however it is also suitable for those new to yoga.


Yin Yoga

Yin Yoga gives our nervous systems a counterbalance to modern life. It is quiet and slow paced.  That accesses our deeper connective tissues of the fascia, ligaments and joints. Our bones are also comprised of connective tissue, so when we practice Yin, we are nurturing everything that connects within us.

I will offer a Yin Yoga class from time to time as a pop up class or as part of a workshop, also incorporating some Restorative Yoga.  by 60 minutes of Yin (about 30 minutes of long-held floor poses, which are wonderful for working on the deepest tissues of the body, followed by 30 minutes of Restorative yoga, which involves supported and passive stretching).


ASHTANGA YOGA: Thursday evening: 7.45-8.45pm

Please see my booking system for further classes that may be running.

For private lessons in the studio or in your own home, please contact me for further details.

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